Gents Cutting Tech


Clipper work | £15

Scissor cut | £25

Restyle | £35

 Prices depend on length, thickness and time required


Our stylists are also expertly trained in male grooming, whether it’s a simple short back and sides or a more edgy, creative look. We take pride and great care in providing bespoke haircuts and using quality male grooming products to ensure every look is styled to perfection.

Short Hair

The classic short back and sides is suitable for all ages and face shapes. Whether it be subtle length or leaving a little more hair on top for a tousled style. If you prefer a high or low fade, any style is achievable at Ashley Bitters. This is one cut that will never go out of style.

Medium Hair

Medium length cuts for the slicked back look are increasingly popular, straight back or a side sweep we’ll show you what works best for your face shape and hair type.

Long Hair

Longer, messier hair for men is seeing a huge come back. If you’re lucky to be blessed with glossy thick hair, why not let it flow free? This can work for straight or curly hair. You can incorporate part shaved with straight or wavy textures to create multiple looks.

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